Friday, 16 December 2011

Hair Horns Tutoral

Sorry it's messy, I can't help my layers!!
Deffo recommended for One layer hair if you want to do all of your
hair like this, otherwise, use the top layer for a half-up do.

I will be back on sunday! Also AV tutorials soon as long as my eyelashes


  1. You are so pretty! <3 This may sound weird, but you remind me of the girl in Stardust o_O Your voice and everything... ('tis a compliment as she's gawjus <3)
    I so wanna try this out but I have layers ;_;

  2. It doesn't sound weird at ALL! Stardust is one of my most Favourite films of all time!!! \(*A*)/ so that is probably the best compliment I have ever receieved - thank you honey! <3 <3
    Try the style out anyway, see what you think of it. I recommend doing the 1/2 up-do though using the top layer of your hair for the horns.